Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dead End-The Beginning of the End

Hey to all of you zombie lovers out there. I am and always have been a devout zombie follower, and i'm proud to be one! Ever since I was fed on horror movies from an early age, (much to my delight) I have been a massive horror fan, in fact, i'm obsessed with horror to a ridiculous extent. I remember somewhat fondly, the shocked look in the eyes of my English teacher back in secondary school as she was reading my latest short story assignment, it was her own fault for allowing us to write about anything! I chose to write a gory, bloody story based on Shaun Hutson's "The slugs" and needless to say, that was one of the stories she DIDN'T read out that lesson.

Throughout my early teens I wrote many a horror story, all of them gore fests with plenty of imaginative character destruction and strange and wonderful monsters from the darkest recesses of my eager mind, and I have the endless amount of horror movies I watched to thank for that. Then came the great horror authors whose books I devoured like a ravenous zombie, authors like: Shaun Hutson, James Herbert, The legendary Steven King, Simon Brooks, Richard Laymon and Dean Koontz. They only served to fuel my desire to write horror fiction that chilled and shocked.

However, quite sadly, due to various reasons I stopped writing for over 5 years except for the odd dark poem. Then something wonderful happened, the comic series "The walking Dead" found its way onto my computer and my hungry eyes gobbled up every issue until this month. That was enough to spark my love for zombies and horror into life once more and I began writing again, although somewhat tentatively due to the length of time I had been away from writing.

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, "The Walking Dead" series came out last year and my god, was I in heaven then or what! Those guys who produced the comic are geniuses, but the producers of that zombie series are gods to me because that was the final injection of zombielation I needed to send me into a writing frenzy. I did produce a lot of, how can I say this, seriously low quality stuff in the beginning but as the months have passed I have gotten both my blood thirsty appetite and my old imagination back.

I came up with the idea to create a series of zombie stories based on survivors fighting for their lives in as many different, awkward and frightening situations as I could, such as being trapped in a wardrobe with zombies hammering away at the door. I want readers to experience the story as if it were they themselves who were trapped and alone in these terrifying and lonely situations where the world is at an end, and its kill or be eaten.

I hope you guys enjoy what I write. I'm still very much an amateur but I'll do my best to scare the living daylights out of you all!!


Richard O'Neill

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